General information

No doubt, PSD2 regulation will affect the whole payment landscape across the EU.

EU has issued the PSD2 regulation to make payments safer, increase consumers protection, foster innovation and competition.

PSD2 enables new types of payment and account information services:

  • The customer can grant third-party service providers access to the customer's payment account information at the customer's bank (Payment initiation service);
  • The customer can grant third-party service providers permission to initiate payments from the customer's bank accounts (Account information service); For more read the full directive text here

Third party providers using Citadele API are able to create new services and give permission to those services to access customer’s bank data if the customer has agreed to share it. It will always be required to get access to customer's data with the customer specifically giving his/her consent. No customer data can be accessed by any third parties without proper licensing and receiving customer consent first.

APIs available currently for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia:

  • Get a list of reachable accounts (AISP)
  • Get balances for a given list of accounts (AISP)
  • Get transaction information for a given account (AISP)
  • Initiate SEPA payments on the customers' behalf (PISP)
  • Register a consent and get SCA to redirect link
  • Get response of available funds.

More detailed information is available in the API documentation.

In order to use PSD2 APIs, you need to obtain appropriate PISP and/or AISP license.

If you need more information, please contact us.